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Internal Project Information:


Project Coordination:

Project coordination and communication is managed through the Basecamp project management web site.  Scheduling of meetings, field logistics, other logistical items, and discussion forums are available through this web base service. To gain access to this you must be an investigator or student working on EarthShape.  Email earthshape[at]geo.uni-tuebingen.de to gain access to relevant material.

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Data Sharing:

EarthShape has data sharing policy that is required of all participants.  We are currently developing the infrastructure and details related to this.  Additional information concerning this will be available on this web page in 2016.

Data Logging/Inventory:

EarthShape has a coordinated system for labeling and archiving samples and analyses stemming from the project.  The International Geo Sample Number (ISGN) system is being used.  Information about this system is available at: http://www.geosamples.org/aboutigsn.  

EarthShape members can log in into the internal Metadatabase here:

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