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Completed PhD Theses:


Climate−dependent phosphorus forms and their utilization by plants and microorganisms. Moritz Johannes Köster, Earth Shape project A3, Phase I, University of Bern, Switzerland

Interactive plant-trait and climate effects on litter decomposition along the Chilean coastal range. Rafaella Canessa M., EarthShape project 1, Phase I, University of Marburg, Germany

Effect of drying and rewetting and freezing and thawing cycles on soil carbon sequestration in a humid temperate forest soil: underlying mechanisms. Francisco Nájera, EarthShape project 6, Phase I, Universidad de la Frontera, Chile

Plant nutrient mobilization and acquisition strategies: adaptation to water and nutrient availability. Svenja Stock, EarthShape project 6, Phase I, University of Göttingen, Germany


Metal isotopic fingerprinting of rock weathering and nutrient cycling along a climate and vegetation gradient. Ralf A. Oeser, EarthShape project 12, Phase I, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam, Germany

Late Holocene paleoclimate reconstruction for the southern Central Andes of Chile based on a cushion peatland sedimentary archive (27°S). Sebastian Kock, EarthShape project 7, Phase I, University of Heidelberg, Germany

The effect of changing climate and vegetation on the topographic evolution of catchments in the Chilean Coastal Cordillera over millenial timescales. Manuel Schmid, EarthShape project 2, Phase I, University of Tübingen, Germany


One to rule all four: Cryptogams of Arctic, Antarctic, European Alpine regions & the Atacama Desert. Patrick Jung, EarthShape project 5, Phase I, T. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany