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10 March, 2021. PhD Thesis defence: Rafaella Canessa M., EarthShape phase I, project 1, University of Marburg


February, 2021. research broschure: Research focuses "Commited to the Future" of the University of Tübingen, EarthShape as example in Geosciences (on page 21)


22 February, 2021. press release: EarthShapers from Tübingen S. Seitz and T. Scholten about biocrusts in Germany:  Carpets of moss help stop erosion


23 January, 2021. publication: S. Mutz et al. (2021)  Twenty-first century regional temperature response in Chile based on empirical-statistical downscaling


14 January, 2021. PhD Thesis defence: Svenja Stock, EarthShape phase I, project 6, University of Göttingen


22 December, 2020. data publication: K. Übernickel et al. (2020)  Time series of meteorological station data in the EarthShape study areas in the Coastal Cordillera, Chile


17 December, 2020. data publication: U. Weckmann et al. (2020) Geophysical borehole logging data from Santa Gracia, Chile


16 December, 2020. publication: M. Schaller et al. (2020)  Comparison of regolith physical and chemical characteristics with geophysical data along a climate and ecological gradient, Chilean Coastal Cordillera (26 to 38 ° S)


24 November, 2020. publication: M. Koester et al. (2020)  From rock eating to vegetarian ecosystems - Disentangling processes of phosphorus acquisition across biomes


05 November, 2020. publication: C. Merino et al. (2020) Contribution of the Fenton reaction and ligninolytic enzymes to soil organic matter mineralisation under anoxic conditions


October, 2020. articles: Tübingen university journal Attempto!: 3 articles by EarthShapers / EarthShape associates: S. Mutz, K. Tielbörger and A. Kappler: From lake to Desert and back again; A Dry Run: Drought Impact on Plant Ecosystems; Permafrost - a Thawing Time Bomb?


27 October, 2020. press communication: Von der Mikroskala zur Landschaft: Wie Mikroorganismen die Atacama Wüste verändern, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany


21 October, 2020. publication: R. A. Oeser & F. von Blanckenburg (2020) Strontium isotopes trace biological activity in the Critical Zone along a climate and vegetation gradient


21 October, 2020. online meeting: EarthShape projects involved in drought experiments


14 October, 2020. publication: R. A. Oeser & F. von Blanckenburg (2020) Do degree and rate of silicate weathering depend on plant productivity?


08 October, 2020. publication: R. Canessa et al. (2020) Relative effects of climate and litter traits on decomposition change with time, climate and trait variability


07 October, 2020. publication: P. Jung et al. (2020) Lichens bite the dust - a bioweathering scenario in the Atacama Desert


September, 2020. book: Flora del Parque Nacional Puyehue, produced with help of EarthShape


14 September, 2020. PhD Thesis defence: Ralf Oeser, EarthShape phase I, project 12, GFZ Potsdam


14 July, 2020. publication: E. Samolov et al. (2020) Biodiversity of Algae and Cyanobacterias in Biological Soil Crusts Collected Along a Climatic Gradient in Chile Using an Integrative Approach


07 July, 2020. publication: P. Jung et al. (2020) Shifting boundaries: Ecological and geographical range extension based on three new species in the cyanobacterial genera Cyanocohniella, Oculatella, and Aliterella