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EarthShape Partners


EarthShape has  established collaborations with leading Chilean professors, research scientists, and resource managers and their institutes. These researchers span all of the disciplines essential to the project integration, including biogeochemistry, geochemistry, microbiology, geomorphology, tectonics, sedimentology, soil science, hydrology and geophysics. The Chilean colleagues are interested in collaborating with participants and assisting in field access, logistics, and access to Chilean observatories. A list of current Chilean collaborators is below. EarthShape participants are strongly encouraged to engage Chilean scientists in their projects. We welcome addtional collaborations and interested persons, they should contact the program coordinators.


EarthShape values public outreach as part of our responsabilities. We want to comunicate what type of science we do and why we do it. We have established a close partnership with Filmb├╝ro Potsdam. We have prior experience in science movie making, as e.g. the ISONOSE movie.



Chilean Investigators

German Investigators



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